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Dance Theaters
Every beeing is movement.
All acting is dance.

(Rudolf Laban,father of the German expression dance, dance theorist)

Dance Theater encounters the nerve of our time.
Eloquence of the body, sensuality of the movement, dynamics of selfconfidence and speechless encounter condense themselves therein to practical civilization criticism. At the same time it expands the expression repertoire of stages dance and play.

Dance Theater, emerged in the Germany of the postwar years, has its prime in the '70's. It is German cultural heritage, whose most important representatives Pina Bausch, Reinhild Hoffmann, Susanne Linke, Gerhard Bohnert and Hans Kresnik attained worldwide large renown. In contrast to the at that time prevailing, stylized ballet, the body was in dance theater a strong mouthpiece which was connected with everyday life movements in everyday life clothing including all types of express ions.

We offer individual performance for stage in dancetheater/movementtheater for Events.For exampel break-up, growth, future for the Company-birthday 50 years of German Investment Trust in the old Opera Frankfurt

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