Messe Porsche in Chemnitz in Zusammenarbeit mit K3 Pool
Autosalon Genf (Toyota) in Zusammenarbeit mit Vok Dams Gruppe Wuppertal
Automechaniker in Frankfurt (Mitsubishi) in Zusammenarbeit mit Vok Dams Gruppe Wuppertal
Rhythm balanced the beeing, dance burst all personalities, each in the room feels that.
(Michael Beisteiner, Austrian author)

Why does the person dance?
Numerous alliances in the Middle Ages saw dance as a source of all recognition and as a being of all existenz. In the mythologies of all peoples, the dancer therefore is attributed. a characteristic belief and a special nature. Nietzsche named the dancing person a characteristic person and Konfuzius saw him of a social, ritual and educational side.
With the upswing of industry and technology, the society changed itself from a nobility society to an industrial society. This led to the longing after more expression and identity of each individual, that found their fulfillment in the expression dance. .

Leaning at this expression, we connect your fair presentation gladly with antique myths, moved sculptures, futuristic elements with various concepts out of dance, theater, gymnastik-acrobatik and music. In cooperation partly with different event-agencies we are national and international on fairs successfully active :

- Car fair Geneva (Toyota/Mitsubishi, in Coll. with Vok Dams Group Wuppertal)
- Immobile fair Canne
- Car fair in Frankfurt (IAA Mitsubishi Motors Europe, in Coll. with Vok Dams Group Wuppertal)
- Car fair of the utility vehicles Hannover (VW)
- Cebit Hannover (E-plus)
- Boat in Düsseldorf (Windsurf)
- International dance fair Essen (Maya Lex dance ensemble )
- Security fair Essen (Bosch)
- Furniture fair Köln (Werndel)
- Sanitary fair Frankfurt (Ideal Standart)

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