Contractfuture Ruhr 2003
50 Jahre Deutscher Investment Trust, Oper Frankfurt 2006
50 Jahre Deutscher Investment Trust, Oper Frankfurt 2006
Showprogramm “Da Rookies”
The creating, creative person wins the perspective into the creating being of the earth and therewith into the cosmic principle of all things .
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

This Uniomystika with that univers designated Max Terpis as a dancers soul, who wants to form the infinity of the room and the time. The strength of our team is the creative stage formation with print out strong, individual pictures, which underlies various subjects and elements of the everyday life, which light up the stage with brightness, power and blooming energy .

Equal whether fiery Flamenco, spicy Salsa, groovy Hiphop, funky jazz, lively Chanchan, noble Charleston, moved Theater, spectacular Gymnastics and much more - please address yourself to us .

Showprogramms offert bei Art-Revolution :
We create fantastic Shows, concepts with Music, Dance, Artistic in special need to your Event. >From 5 min to evening shows. Please Kontakt us.

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