Diploma in dance education

Dancers are every artist, many thinker and dreamer and in their basics every human being..
(Rudolf Laban, dancer, dance theorist and philosopher)

New at Art-Revolution

All trainings of Art-Revolution in Individual Dance Studies now also possible as distance learning via DVD!!

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Apply now for the diploma dance training.

Entrance examination required after application (photo, dance resume) mail
Now also application by video possible (replaces the entrance examination)

Attention for particularly talented dancers, we award a partial scholarship worth 500 euros With our proven training concept, the high professionalism of our competent and experienced, international workshop lecturers, we vouch for a challenging dance education that provides impulses for the development of your own, artistic personality and future with the goal:

- to develop your own choreographies
- to improve your individual interpretive ability
- to perfect your technical skills in dance and performance
Start of training:

16-30 years, good dance education, entrance examination
Personality, charisma, creativity
200 euros per month (2400 euros) or 2250 euros for one-off
Sending a CV + photo by e-mail or mail to:


Petra Schmitz
Ginsterweg 58
50169 Kerpen

Training content:
general dance technique, various choreographies of current dance styles: Hip-Hop, MTV Dance, Break Dance, Latin Dance, Musical Jazz, Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, Dance Theater, Afro-Dance, Improvisation, make own choreographies as a solo and group, Pilates, rhythm / music theory as well as dance history.

Examination: in theory, dance practice, writing a diploma thesis.

Our dance education helps you developing your own STYLES. After passing the diploma, you will be admitted to the show production company of Art-Revolution and can be booked as a dancer for stage, event and television.

The training takes place on the last weekend of each month from Saturday to Sunday (11.00-18.00).
The dance education team consists of internationally successful choreographers and producers, who bring numerous contacts into the current dance scene. They have danced successfully in Germany, abroad and in the greatest theaters in the world, as well as worked as a choreographer, for example.For

- the Opera in Frankfurt, National Theater Seoul, Kobe, Tokyo, Venice
- Television (The Dom, Arte, WDR Sports Gala ect.)
- various singers (Loona, Bellini, Mark O, Melanie Thorton, Snap ...)
- Company events (Toyota, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Bayer, Investment Trust ...)

Ausbildungstermine 2019:
24-25.08.2019, Sa+So 11.00-17.00
28-29.09.2019, Sa+So 11.00-17.00

24-27.10.2019, Do-So 11.00-17.00

23-24.11.2019, Sa+So 11.00-17.00
25-26.01.2020, Sa+So 11.00-17.00
22-23.02.2020, Sa+So 11.00-17.00
28-29.03.2020, Sa+So 11.00-17.00

01.05-03.05.2020, Fr.-So 11.00-17.00

30-31.05.2020, Sa+So 11.00-17.00
27-28.06.2019, Sa+So 11.00-17.00 Prüfung

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