B-license Dance Instructor

Everything is movement. All action is dance..
(Rudolf Laban)

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Now all trainings of Art-Revolution in Individual Dance Studies also possible as distance learning!!

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You have intensive dancing experience? You have a good sense of rhythm? You are creative and always wanted to stand in front of a dance group?
In this training, you will acquire the expertise you need to teach dance.

The B license is the base for the demanding work of conveying aesthetic and communicative aspects of dance, such as reproduction, interpretation of dance, but also creative design and improvisation. Our B-license is characterized by a well-founded practice training with individual support.
Our goal is to convey the methodical-didactic content in a playful way.
After passing the examination you will receive the certificate "B-License Dance Instructor", with which you can teach dance competently for children, adolescents and adults.

Our graduates work as:

- Dance teachers in dance studios, clubs, gyms
- Through our cooperation and partners dance teachers in public schools
- Studio leaders
- Head of a competition group for dance competitions

Start of training:


Dancing education (optimal for example Individual Dance Studies diploma or comparable education, at least 18 years, at least intermediate maturity)
600 euros, installment possible
4 months
Art-Revolution by e-mail or post, dancer's CV and photo:
Petra Schmitz
Ginsterweg 58
50169 Kerpen
theory (examination test) and practice (teaching test)
B-license Dance Instructor


- Functional anatomy and physiology
- Basic steps and variations
- Rhythm theory
- Technique training
- hourly structure (warm up, main class, cool down / stretch)
- Safety rules
- Practical work with the group, guiding groups
- Methodology and Didactics of Dance
- Theory / Construction choreographies
- Dance especially for children
- Masterclasses

Weekend dates 2020:
03-04.10.2020 Uhrzeit: 11.00-17.00
07-08.11.2020 Uhrzeit: 11.00-17.00
05-06.12. 2020 Uhrzeit: 11.00-17.00
Exam: 09-10.01.2021

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