Dance training basic

Certified dance fundamentals education

Dance is not only physical but also mental activity..
(Rudolf Laban)

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All trainings in Individual Dance Studies now also possible as distance learning!

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You would like to develop your talent in dance, but have only little dance experience? You would like to attend our diploma in dance education in "Individual Dance Studies", but do not think you are good enough ?

The Individual Dance Studies dance foundation training offers young, talented people, who want to expand and develop their dancing skills, a guide to a professional, artistic future.

In this training, we teach you the basics of different dance techniques, hip-hop / break dance, Latin dance, jazz dance / MTV dance, modern dance and prepare you for the diploma dance training in individual dance studies.

In addition, through various choreographies and targeted improvisation you will learn to develop your own steps and to create your own dance style.

We coach your expression, your charisma and show you the way to professional dancing.

Start of training:

16 years, dancing enthusiasm and previous education
600 installment possible (100 Euro/Month)
3 months
by e-mail or post, dancer CV + photo to:

Petra Schmitz
Ginsterweg 58
50169 Kerpen

Registrations are already accepted.

07.03.-08.03.2020 Uhrzeit: 11.00-17.00
04.04.-05.04.2020 Uhrzeit: 11.00-17.00
Exam: 16-17.05.2020 Uhrzeit:11.00-17.00

Exam: Test (theory exam.) and practice (choreography)
Degree: Certificate "Individual Dance Studies Dance Foundation Education"

Further information under 0049-175-3323110 or

The dance basics education "Individual Dance Studies" starts on 03./04.03.2018.
The number of participants is limited, so that an intensive supervision is guaranteed and since no entrance examination is required, applicants who register first are also to be considered first, so please register in time (by e-mail, or post, CV + add photo and send)
For overnight stays can be taken care of.

Contact Person:
Mrs. Petra Schmitz

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